Monday, March 7, 2011

The Universe has a odd sense of humor

So, first things first, I didn't mention something about the guy who did the Sound Healing yesterday.  He is also a shaman.  No, there is no smoke or inhaling/ingesting crazy substances.  Basically, it works at the energetic level to clear energy blocks within field, lol.  It's kind of hard for me to explain and even harder for me to believe that I'm actually talking about it in a non-sarcastic manner.  You know how some things just keep repeating themselves in our lives?  Like, for example, always getting injured, lol?  Or always ending up with the same "bad guy" as a boyfriend?  Lots of people talk about it as something that you just seem to attract.  That is where energy work comes into play: reiki, shamanism and the like.  That's energy work.  So the Sound Healing concert that I went to yesterday falls into that area.

Also, confession: this is not the first time I've seen a shaman.  It's also not the second.  It's the third.  It's so weird for me to comprehend that I'm actually considering this stuff seriously, because I'm usually quite skeptical.  Or at least I used to be.  Anyways, here's why all this rambling is relevant.  The first time I saw a shaman, I felt like I kept hitting the same walls, unable to move past them and starting to feel more than a little hopeless.  I'm not going to go into the details right now because what's important is what happened afterward.  10 days after the first session with the first shaman I saw, there was a major shift in my work life: I was offered a promotion at both of my jobs.  But I couldn't take both, I had to make a choice.  Remember that thing I talked about that broke the stalemate in my 4 1/2 year long job that I hated?  This was it.  Well, I made the choice that felt better in my heart (not taking another position in the high-end retail world of Saks Fifth Ave) and continued living the way I was before, this time with a little more hours of work at the yoga studio.  But it didn't stop there.  I still felt stuck.  I saw the shaman one more time and the very next day, both of my roommates decided to move out, leaving me 2 weeks to replace them.  That's also when I put a halt to the shamanic energy work because it felt like it was causing too many changes in too short of a time period for me to handle in a healthy way.

So, I was a little curious/nervous about what would happen after yesterday's concert, especially with how I ended up reacting to it.  My thoughts going in was that it wouldn't hit as hard since all the energy wasn't focused directly on me, lol.  Well, funny thing happened today.  As I was getting my things together to leave my new job, one of the higher up guys (one of the ones who manages multiple real-estate projects, he's kind of like the #2 man) asked me how things were going up there (the office is in the basement/lower level, my concierge desk is on the first floor).  Honestly, I'm starting to get very bored.  I feel terrible, but I spend the majority of my day surfing/playing on the internet.  There's just not a whole hell of a lot to do right now.  But, (A) the guy who hired me told me that would be ok because he knew there was going to be a lot of "down-time."  And, (B) I don't let the internet stuff interfere with the actual work when it comes up.  But, I didn't tell him that.  I told him about the work that I do do and that it's quiet.  He said that they might be looking to give me some more work to do, especially with So-and-so leaving in a week.  Whoa.  Wait; back-up there a second.  So-and-so is the back officer manager, I'm the front.  Ideally, the way this was supposed to work is that I handle all front office stuff (say, "hello," deliver packages, monitor move-outs, etc), basically all the "customer relation," parts of it; she handles the back office, technical, financial stuff.  And, apparently, she's going to be leaving, soon.

"So," he says, "we were thinking of passing on some of her work to you, would you like that?"  Whoa!  My immediate thoughts, "Yes!  I'm so bored I've started playing Farmville again!"  But, I also felt like I needed to reign that in a little.  I've hardly been there one week, and I've never handled that kind of work before.  I think I'm intelligent enough to do it, but I also feel like there's a learning curve and I would need to take it slowly to really understand it and get the hang of it.  And that's what I told him.  I said, "Yes, I'd be interesting in doing other things, but slowly, because I've never done work like that before.  I'd like to learn new things, but just a little at a time."  He seemed to be ok with that idea.  It's a small company and there's a lot of work to be passed around.  I do want to learn new things, but I also really like interacting with the people who live there (and their dogs, lol) as well as walking around the building, I definitely do not want something that just keeps me inside an office all day long. 

But, this is also very similar to the job I fought against and ultimately turned down at Saks.  It was a Human Resources assistant position: handling the technical part of a department that manages people.  And here it is, showing up again: a "real" job, that involves actual "work," not just sitting around and letting your mind go to waste.  Something tells me that I shouldn't fight this one.  Is this the result of the shamanic work?  Is shamanic energy work even "real?"  I don't know.  Three instances of odd things happening directly after that kind of work is a little hard to ignore or discount.  Oh, interesting side note: have you ever heard of the idea that how you spend your New Year's is how you will spend the rest of your year?  I heard that expression for the first time this year and I'm starting to think that there might just be some credit to that.  Last year (January 1, 2010), I spent my New Year's practicing yoga...and I that's pretty much what I spent my entire year doing. I did a lot of yoga, it's pretty much all that I did.  This year (January 1, 2011) I spend my New Year's cleaning up after people, specifically my two roommates who moved out, and basically preparing the apartment for new people to live in.  I now find it very ironic that I work as a concierge where I basically look after people's living space and I now seem to be getting positioned into a job that will do even more of that.  I know it's all a matter of your own personal perspective, but it's still pretty ironic. 

We'll see what happens.  I think it's going to be an interesting next couple of weeks.  "We'll see."  That's kind of my mantra these days.  Not overly optimistic or pessimistic.  It's more like a kind of detached, realistic hope.  We'll see.

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