Sunday, June 13, 2010

What's most important

I'm forgoing hitting the 800 word count for today in favor of what I think is most important for this moment: talking with my new roommates and forming real connections with them, rather than keeping to myself and playing the hermit card so that I will hit my 800 word limit. That and sleep :-)

I do enjoy journal writing because it gives me a chance to process everything that has happened during my day, but sometimes what I really need is the human get myself out of my head. I've discovered that it's easy for things to seem worse than they are when the only opinion you have is the same overly critical voice that's followed you for the majority of your life...your own. So, no 800 words for today. I went to work, had an intense day in the world of retail security, let some of it loose during my evening vinyasa yoga class and then had some positive human interaction with my roommates...and the dog :-)

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