Monday, June 14, 2010


It's the end of the day and I really have nothing to write about. I did laundry, read blogs, made a bunch of quinoa for the rest of the week, and picked up a last minute shift at the yoga studio. Nothing to really write about. Thoughts running around in my head...nothing I haven't already covered yet. I'm really stuck. Kind of like my life, lol. I've analyzed every part of my life and behavior to death, read several "find-your-idea-career" books and listed everything that I love to do, don't like to do, what I'm passionate about...on and on. And I ended up not practicing yoga today. I feel pretty un-inspired and stuck. Think that about covers it. Better to write a few words of meaning than rambling on in circles to meet a word count? Today, I'm thinking yes. I learned during my last year of college that when I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere in a paper, it was better to shut the computer off and rest and then wake up fresh and with better focus. On that note, goodnight all, here's wishing everyone a restful night wherever you are.

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