Sunday, February 5, 2012


When you're low on prana, sometimes it helps to visit your sources of inspiration.  The first comes from a phenomenal lady named Steph Davis.  Steph Davis is a climber who is known for free solo climbing up huge cliffs and rock towers--meaning she climbs without a rope and she's thousands of feet above the ground!  She has also taken to jumping off those high cliffs (often after climbing them) either via parachute or wing suit.  Talk about mastering your fears!  Dealing with fear is something she talks about a bit in this video and that's one reason I find it inspiring:

The other big source of inspiration is, of course, the yoga (even when it's feeling a little rough).  And I really love the way Kino Macgregor (who is a pretty inspiring person herself) talks about it in this video because she talks more about the longevity of the practice--something that's inspiring when you go through periods of "slump."


  1. Any of Lauren Peterson's videos help me get my prana back If I want to practice like this when I'm 50, I'd better get my butt on my mat today! I also think of all the inspiring people that we've been lucky to practice with at BBY who practice through cancer, painful arthritis, and other issues. They amaze and inspire.

    1. SO true Rochelle! When you really stop to think about it there are limitless sources of inspiration :-) What really strikes with me at whatever the time is usually depends on why I'm feeling low energy...fear and frustration are usually the two most prevailing themes for me. I've only been climbing a handful of times, but it's such a great place to really confront what your body and mind go through when you're scared (REALLY scared) and then work through it. I miss it and it's been on my mind a lot--hence the video ;-)

      We do have some pretty amazing people practicing at BBY, I can't believe how lucky I am to be able to practice with them, and learn from them...thanks for the reminder ;-)